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Mobile Innovation

With the surge of popularity in mobile computing devices in recent years, POS solutions have expanded to embrace the efficiency and convenience provided by this technology. Whether increasing the mobility of server-based handheld transactions or accommodating unmanned kiosks, POS Upgrades can help by supplementing your POS system with attachments tailored to your POS model.

Consider the benefits of mobile innovation in almost every area of Point-of-Sale applications:

  Pay@Table, tapin2, paymytab, and other server / hand-held mobile solutions
  Mobile wallets
  Custom development of bespoke solutions unique to your particular business model.

EMV Solutions

We have strong relationships with the leading Europay-MasterCard-Visa Payment providers, facilitating meetings and agreements with the top Gateway and Processor decision makers. Moreover, by creating demand for your business among competing providers, we help deliver increased service - and decreased costs - to you.

In keeping with our turnkey-based solution approach, we start with honest evaluations of competeing vendors, advise on the systems requirements and manage the process accordingly, and follow through the life cycle of the project.

We have experience in Elevon, Payment Logistics, FreedomPay, NAB, Shift4, and OPI installs.

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What Other Services can we provide?

Dedicated resources and teams for:

   Project management
   Live event support.

Upgrades of Point-of-Sale systems, including:

   Program development
   Database refreshes
   Turnkey solutions.

Pay@Table and server / hand-held mobile solutions.

   Mobile wallets
   Custom development.

We have relationships with leading providers, and coordinate high-level meetings and demos.